/ 2017 . 08 . 11

Tokyo Eatery: Regendo, Story of A Thoughtful Meal

My years in Japan has been a constant love-and-hate relationship. Although I inherit the similar East Asian look and was raised by some same parts of its peculiar culture, it doesn’t necessarily make my life easier here. There are days

/ 2017 . 05 . 26

Tokyo’s Cherry Blossom Hideaways – A Curated Guide

  The days are bright longer now. Golden branches start to roll out their sleeves. Tiny buds are peeking up everywhere you glance. You know spring is arriving. I call myself lucky to be granted the chance to live in…

/ 2017 . 05 . 15

An Ode To The Art of Hanami

  It’s that time of the season again. An ephemeral window of period where winter slowly melts into spring, letting us know the cold wind is no longer biting again. For a brief couple weeks in early April, the whole…