A well-lived life is a thoughtful life to live by. I believe our life is meaningful not just because of the big events that count, but more importantly, because of each small moment that happens, we take delight fully in it. We don’t let them slip away meaninglessly out of our hands, instead, we grasp the essence and be grateful for them. Find here my collections of “little deeds” that fill out our everydayness. They are simple and plain. They are not glittery or glam. They are ordinary, but well-thought. And that’s just why they are meaningful. Isn’t it what matters?

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An Ode To The Art of Hanami

  It’s that time of the season again. An ephemeral window of period where winter slowly melts into spring, letting us know the cold wind is no longer biting again. For a brief couple weeks in early April, the whole…