A pause. When we take in so many things everyday, we need a pause. A time to stop for a while, a space to breathe, a moment to digest everything, so that everything makes sense. We internalize what are outside, and synchronize it with our inner self so we don’t take life for granted, but find the meaning we are all longing for. This is my personal time out room. My attempt to make sense the speed of life and understand it. They come in a form of an inspiration board, critics, a recipe, a study, or a choice of goods. Whatever they are, they are all poured out here. Enjoy a sip, and make yourself at home.

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Summer Eats: Cold Soumen with Lemon

This was my second Saturday under the July bright sun. I woke up squinting my eyes from the blazing morning light through my window. I knew it was only getting even more burning from here. My bedroom tasted humid and sweaty