/ 2017 . 08 . 19

Senjojiki, A Cirque Above The Clouds

I often wonder why I travel. Or why it captivates me so much. Or why I always long for it, just like a child trapped in a tower without a door and desires for the outer world as she is... ...

/ 2017 . 08 . 11

Tokyo Eatery: Regendo, Story of A Thoughtful Meal

My years in Japan has been a constant love-and-hate relationship. Although I inherit the similar East Asian look and was raised by some same parts of its peculiar culture, it doesn’t necessarily make my life easier here. There are days ...

/ 2017 . 07 . 30

Tokyo’s Neighbour Trip: Gunma

Living in Tokyo surely has its many perks, but this biggest city in the world can be depressing as hell, too. With its constantly moving people, rushing trains and convenience stores that never sleep, I often find it hard to ...

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